Why You Should Use a Contact Management Software

Keeping tabs on your leads and customers has become a very important task. No matter if you are running a small startup or a large business, you need to manage all of your contacts properly and never miss out on a client that could bring you more profit.

However, even gathering all of your contacts in a neat and structured way could prove to be challenging. The reason for this is that, in modern business, customers might come from many different channels. Luckily, this can all be solved by implementing contact management software.

Keeping records of customer interactions

Contact management software such as a customer relationship management solution, or any other for that matter, give you the option to not only important contact info on any new customer but also create lists with a detailed description of their interaction with your business.

All information related to emails, phone conversations, or meetings will be instantly stored within your contact management software so that you can use it in future communications or draw valuable insights from them.

All of the information you store can be searched

Not only that the information is effectively stored but it can be quickly pulled out at any point. If a customer gives you a surprise call, an employee can quickly search for their information and get valuable insights that can help them do their job in a better way and approach them on a more personal level.

This information can also be used for various marketing campaigns so that you can target the right people.

Increased overall efficiency

All of the tools and functionalities that come with contact management software make everyday work easier. A centralized database that promotes a structured approach to customers and creates standardized processes will help marketing, sales, and customer service departments to increase productivity.


Contact management software is a valuable solution that is inexpensive and offers great ROI. Work on nurturing your customers and you will get results.

Why Every Business Can Use CRM Software

Even though CRM software solutions have been around for a while, there is still a lot of misunderstanding about them. One of the biggest ones being that not every business can use it. It’s true that some businesses might benefit more from it while some less, but every business, no matter how big or small, can benefit from implementing CRM software if it’s used properly.

Every business wants to learn more about its customers

Knowing your customers is vital in any business. Having knowledge about what your customers want, how they want it, and when makes all the difference in the world when you’re making a sale or marketing your business.

Larger companies would like to understand the behavioral patterns of their customers, which is why there are CRM solutions such as this one https://www.bpmonline.com/crm-products, with features that allow this. At the same time, CRM solutions for small businesses give companies the ability to input a lot more customer information, to give them those personalized services they thrive on.

Every business wants to create an effective sales process

Is there a business that doesn’t want to close deals more effectively and increase the number of sales? CRM solutions have valuable features that allow companies to create reports from the customer data they gathered, to learn where their sales processes are working well and in which areas they can improve.

Every business wants to provide a great customer experience

Happy customers lead to profits. CRM software allows companies to access customer interactions and valuable demographics that can be crucial to making a sale or solving a problem a customer is having. By giving accurate and quick solutions in a personalized fashion, any business can provide a great customer experience.


In the end, I would like to mention that even B2B companies use CRM platforms to manage their partnerships. CRM is not only about large volumes, it can offer in-depth details and complex analytics tools as well. It’s all about knowing your needs and getting the right CRM.

Two in One – CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms

A lot of people consider CRM solutions and marketing automation tools to be two completely different platforms that need to be used separately. This is because they think that their sales teams and marketing teams work separately.

Although this is true to an extent, they also have to collaborate – they go hand in hand and fuel each other’s results. This is why there is a need for combined CRM and Marketing automation platforms in which both of them can work together and collaborate more effectively rather than using separate tools.

How these marketing and sales tools go hand in hand

Marketing and sales are constantly evolving and improving. This has brought them closer and made them mutually dependent. They need to be synchronized and work together to increase results.

These changes have created the need for combined CRM solutions that can bring both sides to one seamless platform. When processes are combined, lead lifecycles can be accelerated with behavior tracking and customer data integrations.

Marketing departments mainly focus on creating customer interest and engaging potential customers. They rely on various sources such as websites, searches, social media, ads, and other channels to achieve their goals.

Sales team are later activated to try and convert the interest that the marketing teams have created. Their activities revolve around interacting with customers in a direct way through cold calls, text messages, emails, and so on.

Sales and marketing combined

When these two activities are combined both departments work as one. Marketing activities are focused on creating as much visibility as possible, while sales teams rely on the information shared with them to directly approach potential customers individually and with a personal approach.

Simply put, the sales departments will have better understanding of the marketing activities and where the customers currently are in the cycle, allowing them to do their jobs better. The goals, processes, methods, and timing are aligned, leading to more effective results.

The Benefits of CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms

  • The communication with customers is consistent during the whole cycle.
  • Aligned sales and marketing goals lead to the use of the same data and better processes are created to increase
  • Increased process transparency.
  • Improved collaboration and reduced feedback time from one department to another, as both departments are involved in what is going on within the system.
  • Increased conversions through automation and lead tracking.
  • Sharing valuable insights between departments through their processes.

CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms are a must if your organization’s goal is to combine these two processes and create an effective machine that will make the most of each lead.

Reasons Cloud CRM is a Way Better Option than On-Premise

The term customer relationship management has been around for quite a while now, and pretty much every business person out there is aware of all the incredible benefits these software systems can bring to an organization.

The businesses that have implemented this technology to their daily operations got the chance to quickly experience great improvements in their informational organization, communication, customer support, reporting and analytics, productivity, and automation of time-consuming everyday tasks.

However, many people still rely on the on-premise solutions, unaware of the fact that cloud CRM is a significantly better choice. If you want to learn more about cloud CRM, keep on reading to find out why you need this powerful tool!

Installation is practically effortless

The majority of business owners are afraid that they will need to spend money on IT experts who will handle complex installations. Luckily, with cloud CRM, this is no longer an issue! After you purchase your CRM software solution, all you need to do is to go online, sign in, and you are good to go.

You and your employees can access the system anytime, anywhere

The best thing about any system or program that is on the cloud is that it can be accessed 24/7 no matter where you are, provided that you have an internet connection. And cloud CRM is no different – whenever a member of your company needs to find some valuable data, they can do it no matter whether they are in their office or on the go.

It is affordable

These cloud-based tools are much more affordable than any on-premise tool, so you needn’t worry about spending a fortune to get what you need.

Everyone will quickly learn how to use it

Implementing new technological solutions can sometimes be seen as a challenge. However, cloud-based CRM software is so easy to use, regardless whether you have some IT knowledge or not, so it is guaranteed that every member of your company will quickly get used to it and come to love it.


As you can see, cloud-based CRM is the best solution for everyone who wants to automate their business operations quickly and with no hassle!

Quick Guide to Purchasing the Right BPM Software

Finding the right BPM software for your business can turn into a daunting task, especially if you don’t have any previous experience with the process of buying business software. To make things easier for you, we have put together this quick guide you can consult anytime you like.

Customizations Are a Must

Since every business is different, you want to look for customization options in a BPM software tool. Many of the modern ones come with pre-built business process templates designed according to the best industry standards.

But still, you might need to make an adjustment here and there to design the process that completely reflects your business logic. This is why customization is a must-have. Click on bpmonline.com/ to test the customization capabilities of one of the best BPM platforms online.

Cloud-based BPM Software is More Attractive

With cloud-based BPM software, you won’t have to invest anything in your IT infrastructure. You will also save yourself a lot of software and hardware maintenance, since all of these processes are handled by the BPM software vendor.

Beside other advantages, the cloud-based BPM tool will put you in a position to access your new software remotely and from whichever device you have at your disposal.

Look for Multipurpose Options

A business software tool is as only as good as the number of scenarios it can be applied to. You have to give your best to find a tool that all of your internal departments can use around the clock, including marketing, service, and sales.

By bringing all departments onboard just one platform, you will improve the efficiency and productivity across your entire organization.

Dedicated Mobile App is a Nice Perk

Although this might not be a priority on your list, we decided to put it in our guide because we have entered the era of mobile devices. If you truly wish to empower your teams and make them functional on the go, look for a BPM vendor that includes a dedicated mobile app as a standard part of the offer.


Keep in mind that this is not an ultimate guide, but it sure packs the basic guidelines for purchasing the right BPM software for your establishment.

How to Improve Your Customer Relationship Management Strategy

Having an effective customer relationship management strategy is just as important as having a reliable CRM system in place. Without a good strategy to guide you, all your efforts may fall down the drain and you would end up wasting both time and money.


Now, you may have a great customer relationship management strategy that helps you convert a lot of leads into paying customers, but are you doing everything you can to use your CRM system to its full potential?


Check this website to see how you can benefit from customer relationship management, but first take a look at the following tips that will help you turn your CRM strategy into a very effective one that will consistently deliver positive results.


Deploy Your CRM Software Across All Departments

Not using your CRM system across all departments definitely leads to a lot of missed opportunities. Use it to its full capacity by making sure that each member of your team, regardless of their department, has access to its data. That way, all your team members can work in unison and improve all of their efforts, effectively achieving your goals.


For instance, when your marketing team has access to the CRM data, the team members will learn more about your customers and prospects and know precisely how to optimize their efforts to attract more leads. The sales team will know how to build a strong bond with your customers and offer them the right solutions to their pain points, as the CRM data will help your employees get to know the customers better.


Align Your CRM System with Social Media

If you don’t align your CRM system with your social media activities, you will lose a chance to quickly find out how your customers and prospects perceive your brand and what you could do to improve it. With a social customer relationship management system, you can collect a lot of invaluable data that you can use to better serve your customers.


This is because people regularly turn to social media to share their experiences with brands. When you engage with them regularly on various channels to respond to both positive and negative comments, you show that you care about them and you increase their trust.


Aligning your CRM system with social media will give your entire team access to all that critical information, including the history of all conversations. What’s more, you’ll greatly speed up your response time, strengthening customer relationships even more.


Consistently Analyze Your CRM Data

One of the things that will improve your CRM strategy the most is a consistent analysis of your CRM data. What’s the point of gathering customer information in one place if you’re not going to use it to uncover potential inefficiencies in your strategy?


Mine your data regularly to see what you can improve, because there’s always room for change and improvement. Never stop analyzing your data and pulling out reports to figure out exactly how you can successfully meet the needs of all your customers.


There are plenty more tactics you can use to improve your CRM strategy, but these are the most crucial ones to start with, as they’ll definitely lead to many opportunities for capturing and converting more quality leads.

How Can CRM Revolutionize Your Business

The spotlight is on the customers. Customers play the leading role in today’s market; everything regarding your offer needs to be designed around their needs, wants, and conveniences. Customers have a voice and the full attention of business owners.

However, as your business grows, and as your circle of customers expands, it becomes challenging to keep track of all of them. This is exactly when most businesses experience a decrease in profit; your customers will know when you’ve stopped paying attention to them.

CRM can prevent this from happening. This piece of software can help you revolutionize your business.

A 360-Degree View of Your Customers

Customer relationship management software is basically a customer database. Thanks to the features of this tool, you’ll be able to build detailed customer profiles that contain an extensive list of details.

You’ll have a complete overview of contract dates, issues, and concerns that your customers reported, their entire purchase history, and predictions regarding their future needs.

With just a few clicks, each of your employees will be able to access your customer database at any given time and thus provide your customers with a highly satisfying service.

Attack Your Leads and Prospects

Not only that CRM is highly useful for keeping a close eye on your existing customers, but also when it comes to increasing your conversions.

You can and should use this software to keep track of your leads, prospects, as well as dormant customers.

What makes this piece of software so popular is the fact that it can also serve as a reminder. Your employees will be able to receive notifications regarding possible conversions, act on them, and convert more customers.

All Information Under One Roof

In order to increase the efficiency of your team and thus increase your sales, you need to provide them with a powerful database.

When your employees are dealing with information that’s chaotically scattered on several platforms, they are actually wasting time and energy to retrieve data. With CRM, you’ll be able to solve this problem once and for all.

Each of your employees will be able to access your database regardless of their location and thus provide a quick and effective service.

Glue That Holds Your Business Together

One of the things that make this software very interesting is its ability to cooperate with your other tools. You can effortlessly connect it with other software your company uses and manage your sales, orders, and deliveries on one platform.

However, it is important to make the right selection that contains all the desired features your business needs – not all software solutions in this category are the same. In order to find a truly effective one that will simplify the job description of your employees and help them increase their efficiency, you will need to spend some time browsing.

To shorten this process, you should follow this link – www.bpmonline.com/crm/what-is-crm. It contains all the necessary information regarding CRM, its basic and possible extra features, and tips on how to use its full potential.


CRM software is designed to revolutionize your customer care. With this tool, your employees will be able to shower your customers with attention, retrieve information in a matter of seconds, and increase the number of your conversions. A good piece of software in this category doesn’t have a demanding learning curve – you’ll be able to start using it instantly.

BPMS as an Irreplaceable Tool for Digital Transformation

Today’s fast-paced business environment is filled with some major challenges. These challenges usually include strong competition, changes in the global economy, technological advancements, number of various regulations, and customers’ ever-evolving expectations. So, as a result, it is impossible for businesses to maintain competitive on the market unless they properly adapt to digital transformation.

To be more precise, according to Gartner, more than 20 percent of businesses lose their competitiveness on an annual basis due to their digital incompetence. So, if you are a business owner striving for success and improvements, the best way to achieve your objectives in terms of digital transformation is by using BPMS technology.

In this article, we will provide you with ways this powerful automation technology can help you advance your business and experience long-term success.

What is a digital transformation?

A digital transformation is a widely used term which mostly refers to the process of using various digital technologies with a goal for businesses to increase their efficiency, become more competitive, and increase their customer satisfaction, as well as their profits.

When businesses turn to digital transformation, they quickly experience positive changes in their value chain, in their business model, and in the offer of their services or products.

So, in order for a business to be successfully transformed in a digital way, regardless of its size and the type of industry it falls under, it is essential for the business owner and all of the company’s departments to implement some technological solutions to their daily operations, and that is where BPMS comes into play!

Digital transformation and BPMS

Business process management software or BPMS for short is an automation tool which enables businesses to monitor, execute, implement, model, and optimize all of their processes. Incredible benefits of these tools are most commonly seen in terms of:

Cost efficiency – Companies which have implemented some kind of a BPM tool to their business operations usually report that they have experienced significant cost savings – between 30 and 50 percent.

Visibility – The best way to achieve visibility is through effective collaboration, project updates sharing, and all-time access to status reports, and BPM tools allow you to do all of that in an easy and efficient way.

Agility – These solutions enable your employees to be very agile when it comes to addressing and solving your customers’ problems. If your customer support agents have an ability to solve any issue in a timely manner, it is highly likely that the customers will feel valued and choose to stay loyal to your company as a result.

Productivity – We are all aware of the fact that manual tasks can take a significant amount of our valuable time. Luckily, BPM solutions are designed to take care of these tedious processes, allowing your employees to focus on more relevant aspects of the business and to be more productive.

Employee satisfaction – The satisfaction of your employees should be as important to you as customer satisfaction. Happy employees are more productive, and BPM technology can help them with collaboration, communication, project execution, which will greatly facilitate their work.

Now let us focus on ways BPM systems can help you achieve digital transformation:

Through analytics – Thanks to the reporting and analytics feature these software systems offer, you and your team will be able to identify trends, opportunities, and any potential issues.

Through collaboration tools – Implementing a BPM tool can greatly improve the interdepartmental communication in your organization which will contribute to greater effectiveness.

Through the mobile support feature – Modern day BPM tools are available for all mobile devices so that every member of your business can have an all-time access to important data even when they are on the go.

Through integration – The best BPM solutions have an option to be integrated with your already existing systems, which is crucial if you want to avoid time-consuming manual data transfer.


To sum up, it is clear how BPM technology can help you automate your business processes and achieve the much needed digital transformation. So, if you want to maintain your competitiveness, implement this powerful tool and you are guaranteed to quickly see the results!

How CRM Advertising Can Benefit Your Business

CRM Advertising

The relationship that you build with your customers is the very foundation upon which your business will grow and develop. The better your customer service is, the more satisfied your customers are and when they are satisfied, they are loyal. In your case, their loyalty means much better sales. That’s where CRM advertising kicks in. How you manage the relationship with your customers can tell a great deal about your company.

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8 Key Features to Look for in CRM Tools

CRM Tools

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools, as their name suggests, help you manage relationships with your customers and prospects and get to know them better in order to satisfy their needs. It also enables you to automate various repetitive and time-consuming processes, so that you can increase productivity and efficiency.

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